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Panda cub Xiang Xiang is staying at Ueno Zoo until the end of 2020

Xiang Xiang

If you've been to Ueno Zoo, you've probably seen the crazy queues to catch a glimpse of the two-year old giant panda cub Xiang Xiang. The adorable female cub was born at the zoo on June 12 2017 to parents Shin Shin and Ri Ri, both of whom arrived at the Tokyo zoo back in February 2011. So yes, Xiang Xiang is celebrating her birthday today, and was supposed to return to China after her two-year stint at the zoo. However, those who have not had a chance to see the panda or are planning on coming to Tokyo around the Olympics are in luck as China has agreed to extend Xiang Xiang's stay until the end of 2020.

Though still a baby, Xiang Xiang is growing up fast and healthy. She already weighs a hefty 61.6kg, which is approximately half the weight of an adult giant panda. Xiang Xiang is so well-loved in Tokyo that she has attracted a legion of fans, including this dedicated fellow who has been documenting the daily lives of Xiang Xiang and her parents though his Instagram account since 2011. 

Now that Xiang Xiang is set to be in Tokyo for another year and a half, zoo-goers can breathe a sigh of relief as there is still plenty of time to visit this adorable, healthy cub.

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