Poop Museum is opening in Yokohama this March

Tabea Greuner
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Tabea Greuner

UPDATE: The Unko Museum is now open. For more information click here.

Along with the cherry blossom season in March, Yokohama, the port city adjacent to Tokyo, will be opening its first museum dedicated entirely to poop. Yes, really. Called Unko (poop in Japanese) Museum, the temporary attraction will only be around for four months from March 15 to July 15. (In the mean time, you can check out Tokyo's weird and unusual museums here.) 

But don’t worry, the poop here is of the emoji kind, not the actual waste. The museum focuses exclusively on cute, pastel-coloured unko complete with its own mascot character 'Unberuto' – a walking poop pile that carries around its own toilet.

The museum is divided into three themed zones, each named after an unko wordplay – 'un'teractive, 'un'sta-genic and 'un'telligence. Kids can look forward to a ball pit with a huge poop sculpture towering in the middle, while their parents could watch them from unko-shaped seats. 

Wait, it gets 'shittier' – no puns intended. In the 'un'teractive art display, called the kuso (Japanese for shit) game, you can step on turd-shaped light-projections in order to splatter them.

For Instagrammers, you’ll have the chance to have your photos taken while posing with a bunch of colourful poops in a pink setting. This should get you more likes, we think. There is also an exhibition of unko art pieces, as well as poop-themed souvenirs from around the world.

For more information, check their official website here (Japanese only).

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