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Red Bull has just released a line of organic, non-caffeinated drinks

Red Bull Organics

If Red Bull reminds you of your good ol’ college days cramming for exams, or mixing it with your favourite spirit on adventurous nights out, think again. The leading energy drink brand has just released a new collection of more grown-up drinks, which are surprisingly non-caffeinated and also organic.

Available in three different flavours – Simply Cola, Bitter Lemon or Ginger Ale – these are not average soda. The cola drink features 17 ingredients including cacao, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. It actually reminds us of a vanilla-infused Coca-Cola. The Bitter Lemon is pretty straightforward; a bitter take on a lemon soda, it contains beet sugar and cassia (also known as Chinese cinnamon), and it's a good drink to have on a sweltering summer day. Lastly, the organic ginger ale features hints of caramel sugar syrup, lemon and lime. It's a step above your average ginger ale, especially with its distinct kick of ginger.

This new range of Organics drinks seems like an interesting addition to the Red Bull family, and they are available beginning June 5 at major supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores.