Sadako from ‘The Ring’ is Japan's newest YouTube star

Don’t be afraid – the vengeful spirit is here to share surprisingly normal videos featuring cooking and video games

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada
Associate Editor, Time Out Tokyo

You all know her as the creepy girl from ‘The Ring’, but these days, Sadako has plans other than scaring the wits out of people. Instead of crawling through your TV, Sadako is moving with the times – now she's on your phone and laptop with her very own YouTube channel called Sadako no Ido Kurashi.

The horror-film-star-turned-YouTuber released her first video at the beginning of March introducing her channel with a room tour (which you can watch above). Just like in the movies, Sadako doesn't speak, but instead communicates through subtitles and gestures. The room tour is filled with some familiar props you might recognise from the original movie including a TV (which she crawls out of), along with a large well where apparently sleeps. 

Her introduction video doesn’t have any English subtitles, but her latest video (above) comes complete with English subs for foreign fans. You can watch her play a popular video game called Dead by Daylight, which features a character inspired by Sadako.

In her introduction video, Sadako says she will be using her channel to show everyday activities such as cooking and playing games. So far, she has also uploaded a few short videos from her public appearances as well as a Q&A.

Sadako’s YouTube channel has been live for less than a week but has gained a solid fanbase – she has already surpassed 40,000 subscribers. To follow more of Sadako’s adventures, be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel here.

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