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There's an all-new Halloween-themed menu at Pokémon Café

Pokemon Cafe Halloween

It's barely mid-September but all things Halloween have started popping up around the city, including a special festive menu at Nihonbashi's immensely popular Pokémon Café. If you're a big Pokémon (or Pokemon Go) fan and are in Tokyo between now and October 31, you might want to make a reservation at this kawaii eatery. 


Scary? Or just cute.


The new menu consists of three spooky new creations: a Gastly menchi katsu (minced meat patty) burger (¥1,706), a not-so-scary Pikachu plate (¥1,706), and a Tangela-inspired Mont Blanc dessert (¥1,490). As for the new drinks, you have a choice between the Pikachu marron latte (¥918) and a colourful Golbat float topped with ice cream (¥918). 


A new take on the classic Mont Blanc dessert.


You'll be glad to know that the Pokémon Café website is English-friendly – so you can easily book a table online before travelling to Tokyo. When you get to the café, they also have English menus and the staff are over-the-top friendly, so you shouldn't have trouble enjoying yourself. To top off your Pokémon-themed day, you can also stop by the adjoining Pokémon Center and shop for some official merchandise. 

For more information on the Pokémon Café, visit here