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This hotel room at Haneda airport is fitted with a flight simulation cockpit

Haneda flight simulator hotel room

If you have an overnight layover at Haneda Airport and are a bit of an aeronautical geek, this flight simulator room at Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu could just be your dream stay. The airport hotel faces the airport runways, where you can enjoy watching planes landing and taking off from the comfort of your room. However, the hotel recently revealed a special room featuring a very realistic recreation of an airplane cockpit. 


A pilot's life


The two-seater flight simulation cockpit takes up an entire wall of the hotel room. In it you'll find a large digital display along with communication devices, panels, speed indicators and engine instruments, making it seems like you're actually standing at the front of an airplane. The room doesn't come cheap though: a one-night stay averages around ¥25,300 for two guests.

However, you're not allowed to sit in the cockpit or touch the instruments. To do that, you'll have to book a separate flight simulation session with an instructor, and this will set you back another ¥30,000 for 90 minutes. During the simulation experience, you'll take off from Haneda Airport, circle around in the air with great views, and then make a (hopefully) smooth landing back on the ground. 

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