Local 4 World: Elysia Crampton

Elysia Crampton | Time Out Tokyo
Elysia Crampton

Bolivia-born, US-based producer Elysia Crampton’s influences and reference points are vast and varied. Her music simultaneously contains nods to classical composers such as William Grant Still and Central and South American producers such as DJ Rodiño, while sampling Kelela, maniacal laughs, car tyre screeches and what sound like sci-fi film laser zaps and nature doc animal noises, over complex synths and multilayered instrumentation. If that seems like a lot to take in, well, it is, but her productions are far from the amelodic messes you might expect from such a mass of influences and source material: they’re hugely rewarding listens that come laden with rhythm. Hitting WWW for her Japan debut, Crampton will be joined by mellow Osaka-based producer Le Makeup and artsy experimentalist Yoshitaka Hikawa.


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