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In the heady early days of dubstep, Shackleton was right at the vanguard. His stark, spine-tingling productions suggested a genre that was infinitely malleable – and far removed from the headbanging halfstep that would later become dubstep's default setting. Since calling time on his Skull Disco label, Shackleton has become harder to peg: his series of EPs for the Perlon label and a relocation to Berlin suggested a move into the realms of techno, but those expectations were smashed to pieces by epic 2012 double album Music for the Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs, a supremely complex two and a half-hour journey into the nether regions of dub beat. His most recent album, 2016's Devotional Songs, took the transformation further with operatic vocals by Ernesto Tomasini and soundscapes described as befitting 'some misty clearing high on a Japanese mountaintop'. Prepare to be surprised on the evening of the autumn equinox, when Shackleton hits Shibuya's Circus.


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