Yasumasa Yonehara presents 'Ikuji'

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Yasumasa Yonehara presents 'Ikuji'

There'll be some attractive people at this one, we imagine. Yasumasa Yonehara is the man who helped kickstart the kogyaru boom in the 1990s, and he continues to be an enthusiastic proponent of Tokyo's street fashions, which he documents on Fujifilm 'Cheki' instant cameras. As he prepares to unleash his latest photo book, Harajuku Kawaii!!!! Girls, Yonehara (or Yone-chan, as everybody seems to call him) is holding an exhibition and party at Time Out Café & Diner. There'll be music from DJs Helmet, Sacra and Yone himself, while the photographer is also reprising his popular 'One Snap for Love' fundraising wheeze, whereby you can donate money to charity and get yourself snapped with some dishy models – in this case, Shiho Takechi and Anri Sugihara. The event is being sponsored by Time Out Tokyo and Catuma, the Brazilian energy wine, so expect ample lashings of the latter over the course of the night.

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