Akomeya Shokudo Kakigori fest

Akomeya Shokudo Kakigori fest
Photo: Akomeya
Akomeya Shokudo Kakigori fest
Photo: AkomeyaStrawberry milk kakigori with strawberry liqueur syrup
Akomeya Shokudo Kakigori fest
Photo: AkomeyaYakushima spicy black milk tea with white rum and raisin coulis
Akomeya Shokudo Kakigori fest
Photo: AkomeyaSetouchi lemon jelly kakigori with Akomeya’s house limoncello
Akomeya Shokudo Kakigori fest
Photo: AkomeyaAkomeya Shokudo Kakigori Fest

Time Out says

This summer, Akomeya Shokudo is serving up its yearly kakigori (shaved ice dessert) summer menu. The kakigori on offer here will be more than just flavoured ice for kids – expect alcoholic options for those over 20. 

There will be four flavours available, each priced at ¥1,400, with alcoholic extras available for an additional ¥300 to spice up your experience.

Try the strawberry milk kakigori garnished with rich strawberry jam, a cream cheese mousse ball and an optional extra thick strawberry liqueur syrup. Lovers of iced tea should opt for the Yakushima spicy black milk tea flavour with crispy roasted walnut topping – the white rum and raisin coulis is a delicious accompaniment.

If you’re really feeling the heat, check out the refreshing Setouchi lemon jelly kakigori topped with honey and mint syrup to cool you down. It tastes like the ultimate summer cocktail when combined with Akomeya’s house limoncello. 

Finally, there's the sweet and sour orange kakigori made with mandarin syrup and juice pulp. It pairs well with the thick tangerine liqueur and its bittersweet citrus aroma.

You can try these sweet treats from June 24 to September 27 at both Akomeya Shokudo restaurants in Kagurazaka and Shibuya.



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