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  1. Azuki to Kouri
    Photo: Azuki to Kouri
  2. Azuki to Kouri
    Photo: Azuki to Kouri
  3. Azuki to Kouri
    Photo: Azuki to Kouri
  4. Azuki to Kouri
    Photo: Azuki to Kouri
  5. Azuki to Kouri
    Photo: Azuki to Kouri
  6. Azuki to Kouri
    Photo: Azuki to Kouri
  7. あずきとこおり
    Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa「あずき」のフレンチトースト
  8. あずきとこおり
    Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa
  9. あずきとこおり
    Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa堀尾美穂
  10. あずきとこおり
    Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

Time Out says

Azuki to Kouri takes the simple kakigori shaved ice dessert and turned it into a delicious work of art. Pastry chef Miho Horio, best known for her time at Michelin-starred French restaurant Florilège, opened this seven-seat dessert shop specialising in towering bowls of shaved ice made with seasonal ingredients along with well-executed French toast. 

Horio, who used to host kakigori pop-ups at Florilège, finally has her own space to let her works shine. The bar seats offer you a front row look at how Horio crafts her kakigori, and tops them with fresh fruit syrups, rich creams, espuma foam, jellies and other interesting ingredients for added texture. 

The daily menu features five to six different flavours including the signature Azuki to Meringue, a kakigori consisting of sweet azuki beans, fresh cream and crunchy bits of meringue. Other seasonal flavours include American cherry, caramel orange cacao, and strawberry topped with a crème brulée-like cream and torched to give it a crunchy top. 

Reservations here are a must, and can be made through the shop’s website.


1-46-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya
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Yoyogi Station
Opening hours:
11am-7pm, closed Wed
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