Blind restaurant


One of Ruokusenji's most popular events return in May, and this one-day-only dining experience will be conducted in English. Meals are prepared by chief priest Kakuho Aoe, and you’ll dine in a dimly lit room while being blindfolded. More importantly, you get to experience what Buddhist cuisine shojin ryori is all about. This form of temple cuisine restricts the use of meat and certain root vegetables such as onions and garlic, so it’s perfect for vegetarians.

The concept behind 'dining in the dark' is to heighten your other senses (taste and smell in particular) by removing your vision – it’s believed this will help enhance the enjoyment and appreciation of the food you’re eating.

For reservations, email with your name and phone number, along with the number of diners. Please mention any food allergies as well, if any.

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