Breakfast from Peru

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Breakfast from Peru

After a winter menu focused on Russian cuisine, Gaienmae's World Breakfast Allday, which serves a rotating selection of traditional morning grub from countries all over the world, now turns its eyes to Latin America and Peru. Having attracted a remarkable amount of attention in places like London and New York in recent years, Peruvian cuisine is much more than just ceviche: it's healthy, uses exotic ingredients like amaranth grain and maca root, and is highly amenable to fusion experimentation. Here, the 'Peru Breakfast' (¥1,620) consists of freshly baked bread, chicharrón pork ribs, salsa criolla with red onions and cilantro, spicy tamales and chicha morada, a sweet drink made from purple corn. If all that still doesn't feel like enough, quinoa soup and desserts are available as well. Peruvian cooking classes and other related events will also be taking place throughout March and April.

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