Cangrejo Festival

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カングレホフェスティバル 渋谷
カングレホフェスティバル 渋谷

Cangrejo means crab in Spanish, and it's mainly crabs you'll be grabbing at this much-hyped Shibuya eatery, opened in early July 2016 and challenging Shinjuku's Dancing Crab for the title of messiest seafood feast in Tokyo. First-timers will want to order the Casual Pack, which is actually anything but casual: you'll be spending the evening cracking open shells, brushing off scales and digging into delicacies like giant tiger prawn, mussels and, of course, lots of shiny red cangrejo. Alternatively, you can order abalone, scallops, oysters and even lobster to be grilled at your table hamayaki-style. 


Venue name: Cangrejo Festival
Address: B1F, 33-12 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku

Opening hours: 5pm-12midnight daily
Transport: Shibuya Station
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