[CLOSED] Kuon no Sora

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[CLOSED] Kuon no Sora

A restaurant that specialises in raw meats, Kuon no Sora can be found located in a residential area approximately ten minute’s walk from the south exit of Nakano Station, along the train tracks in the direction of Koenji. The real reason to seek this restaurant out is for their sliced sashimi-style meats, which are all are all bought-in fresh and therefore lack any unpleasant odour, and include a wealth of different varieties such as liver, tongue, harami-tataki (seared skirt steak cut into slices), cartilage and kobukuro-sashi (sliced meat from around the uterus). The restaurant can often become quite crowded so if there’s something you’re particularly looking forward to sampling then consider making telephone reservations in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Furthermore, due to lack of general weekend availability, on Saturdays raw meats are off the menu. In addition to meat they also serve a good selection of vegetables and domestic wines. The restaurant interior is clean and tidy, the atmosphere enjoyable and the staff both friendly and welcoming. Other restaurants in the same chain include Kuon Zero and Kuon no Yuyake, a restaurant that specializes in yakitori (chicken grilled on skewers).


Venue name: [CLOSED] Kuon no Sora
Address: 3-48-14 Nakano, Nakano-ku

Transport: Nakano Station
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