Coffee Meet Up in Ikejiri-Ohashi Coffee Town

Coffee Meet Up in Ikejiri-Ohashi Coffee Town

Only a station away from Shibuya, residential Ikejiri-Ohashi is blessed with some seriously trendy coffee shops. After holding a 'Coffee Town' festival in March this year, the neighbourhood's reputation as a hub for excellent joe has spread far and wide, and this two-week 'stamp rally' looks like another step towards mainstream recognition. Pick up a 'Meet Up' card at any of the participating shops, stroll the area and check out the many workshops and other events going on, all while collecting coffee stamps. Completed cards can then be turned in in exchange for a prize – just remember to pace yourself with all that caffeine.

Participating shops: Jam Stand Coffee, Bubbles Chill Coffee, Good People & Good Coffee, Paradise Tokyo/Wacko Maria, The Workers, PNB Coffee, Starbucks Ikejiri-Ohashi 2-Chome. 


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