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  1. Curry Spice Gelateria Kalpasi
    Photo: Curry Spice Gelateria Kalpasi
  2. Curry Spice Gelateria Kalpasi
    Photo: Curry Spice Gelateria Kalpasi

Time Out says

While there are a plethora of curry restaurants in Shimokitazawa, there’s only one offering a quirky combo of curry and gelato. Ordering here is similar to a ramen shop, where you purchase a food ticket via a vending machine. You can pick either two or three daily curries served with jasmine rice, along with condiments like pickled red onions and coconut sambol. The menu always includes one meat-free curry on top of a chicken and a pork variety. On our recent visit, the vegetarian option was a dal tadka curry while the two meat choices were a South Indian chicken curry and a Nepalise pork curry. 

Always order your curry set with a cup of gelato for dessert. You can pick two flavours, and since this is a curry restaurant, you can expect Kalpasi to infuse its ice creams with spices. Some of the most interesting flavours we’ve seen include cardamom, mascarpone cheese lassi, blue cheese with roasted cumin seeds, and chocolate with sichuan pepper.


Southwave Shimokitazawa 1F, 2-12-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya
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Shimokitazawa Station
Opening hours:
11.30am-8pm daily, closed Thu
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