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This venerable eatery has been in Koenji for 30 years and is recognised as a pioneer of Okinawan food in Tokyo. Hailing from Ishigaki Island, owner Junko Takahashi feels it is her mission to faithfully reproduce the flavours enjoyed by Okinawan people at a reasonable price. The ingredients are brought from Okinawa, and the restaurant has featured a monthly Okinawan shamisen concert every month for more than 20 years. There's Orion Beer is on tap, plus a copious variety of awamori available, and the cheerful service of the staff is almost disarming.


Venue name: Dachibin
Address: 3-2-13 Koenji-Kita, Suginami-ku

Opening hours: 5pm-5am daily
Transport: Koenji Station (Chuo line), north exit
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