Darumaya Mochigashiten

Restaurants, Kakigori Jujo

Darumaya is located about five minutes' walk from Jujo Station on the Saikyo line. It’s nestled on the right side of an old-style shopping arcade, which stretches to the north of the station. Outside you can buy dango and seasonal wagashi for takeaway, or take a seat at one of the tables lined up inside. As well as classic sweets like inaka-jiruko and cream zenzai, there are also light snacks such as isobe-maki rolls and sanshoku (three-colour) onigiri. The kakigori, made with natural ice from Shogetsu Himuro in Nikko, can be ordered year-round.


Venue name: Darumaya Mochigashiten
Address: 1-3-6 Jujo-Nakahara, Kita-ku

Opening hours: 10am-6.30pm / closed Tue
Transport: Jujo Station (Saikyo line)
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