Deli Fu Cious

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鮨屋が作るフィッシュバーガー専門店 deli fu cious
鮨屋が作るフィッシュバーガー専門店 deli fu cious
鮨屋が作るフィッシュバーガー専門店 deli fu cious
鮨屋が作るフィッシュバーガー専門店 deli fu cious

Time Out says

Chef and owner of Deli Fu Cious, Shinya Kudo has more than a decade’s experience in some of the city’s top sushi temples. So what happens when a sushi chef switches his attention to burgers? You get some of the best fish burgers around, executed with premium seafood and perfected using insider techniques from the sushi world.

For example, Kudo presses the fresh fish fillets between kelp sheets to extract the moisture while imparting more umami into the flesh. This age-old method helps create firmer fillets that hold up better when deep-fried. For lighter fare, go for the saikyo-yaki burger, which sees the fish basted with miso and grilled over charcoal.

There are ‘hot dogs’ on the menu as well but just not what you’d expect. Kudo replaces the sausage with either a conger eel tempura or a block of fluffy tamagoyaki (Japanese-style omelette). And if you’re going for the crab and potato cream croquette burger, always add on the rich, dark and delicious kani-miso (crab tomalley) – a condiment seldom served outside sushi restaurants. Needless to say, we’ve rarely been more excited to eat burgers in Tokyo.



Address: 1-9-13 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku

Transport: Nakameguro Station (Hibiya, Tokyu Toyoko lines)
Opening hours: 11am-10pm daily

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