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  1. フロム アファー
    Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaFrom Afar
  2. フロム アファー
    Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaFrom Afar
  3. フロム アファー
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima
  4. フロム アファー
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima
  5. フロム アファー
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima
  6. フロム アファー
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima
  7. フロム アファー
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima

Time Out says

The ideal place for stylish coffee-sipping, perhaps with a small cake on the side, this spacious, relaxing café is in Kotobuki, just beyond the hustle and bustle of Asakusa. You can't miss the facade, with its old-fashioned bay windows framed with dark wood, but even if you do, you won't miss the queue to get in. Luckily, while time passes slowly at From Afar, service is speedy and efficient, so you shouldn't have to wait long for a table. 

Once you've ordered at the large central counter, take a number and find a seat. Here on your own? We recommend snagging one of the comfy chairs in the little alcove on the left of the entrance. Or sit up at the bar, watch the baristas in action and admire the café's beautiful brass table lamps. You can even pick up one of the books on the shelves at the back to read during your stay.

All orders of coffee and tea are served in Imariyaki cups, with these beautiful pieces of traditional porcelain adding an extra special touch to the experience. Complement your cuppa with one of the seasonal fruit tarts for an afternoon of pure bliss.

And if you like what you see, head around the corner to From Afar's sister shop Nobori, which sells some of the tableware and interior items used in the café. 

Note that From Afar only accepts cash payment. 


1F, 2-5-12 Kotobuki, Taito
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Tawaramachi Station (Ginza line)
Opening hours:
11am-7pm (last orders 6.30pm) daily
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