Fukuro Shosabo

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本と珈琲 梟書茶房

Time Out says

Reading a book is always a good choice, and combining said pursuit with a cup of coffee is even better. This newly opened café, which invites you to 'meet a new book', lets you browse a selection of 1,000 volumes while sipping some original coffee. They actually have a total of 3,000 books, 2,000 of which are sold wrapped in original covers complete with introductory sentences describing the content. Follow your instincts and pick one – you just might come across the book your heart was looking for. In addition to the reading space, Fukuro Shosabo has three other rooms: one for coffee and lunch, another one for 'getting lost in deep thoughts', and the last one for chatting. Bibliophiles, you've got yourself a new destination in Ikebukuro.



Address: 1-12-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku

Transport: Ikebukuro Station
Opening hours: 10.30am-10pm daily

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