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Gelato & Cafe TIDA

Okinawa meets Italy at Koenji's Tida, a full-fledged island café where the ice cream flavours incorporate fresh fruit from Japan's southernmost prefecture. Purple sweet potato, mango and shequasar (a small green citrus fruit) are some of the more orthodox varieties, while we weren't brave enough to try the one made with cheese and Okinawan basil. Apparently their most popular flavour is the Kokuto Chocolate, which combines aromatic black sugar with rich choc for a power-packed one-two punch. You can either buy your fix at the entrance or sit down inside for a more substantial meal.


Venue name: Gelato & Cafe Tida
Address: 2-38-14 Koenji-Kita, Suginami-ku

Opening hours: 12noon-11pm (Sat, Sun & hols 11.30am-11pm) / closed Thu
Transport: Koenji Station (Chuo, Sobu lines)
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