Heart Bread Antique

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Heart Bread Antique

Stepping into the café area of Heart Bread is a little like joining Alice in Wonderland. Everything is just so. Everything is also just for donut lovers – there are giant plastic donuts hanging off every hook and handle, and huge donut cushions for you to place your soon to be donut-sized backside on. Odd, then, that actual donuts are far and few between. On our visits, pastries have been the order of the day – the only donut on offer being the huge but admittedly delightful 'Choco Ring', a half donut, half pastry concoction, filled with rich, fresh chocolate and a smattering of nuts. We wouldn't advise eating a whole one – best to share it among four hungry friends – but if you plan to traipse out for a Ginza treat, then make it for this phenomenal beastie alone. 


Venue name: Heart Bread Antique
Address: 3-4-17 Ginza, Chuo-ku

Opening hours: 10am-9pm daily
Transport: Ginza Station (Hibiya, Ginza, Marunouchi lines)
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