Imotamaya Isetan Shinjuku

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いもたまや 伊勢丹新宿店
いもたまや 伊勢丹新宿店
いもたまや 伊勢丹新宿店
いもたまや 伊勢丹新宿店

And along comes yet another very, very specialised restaurant: this time, potatoes and eggs get the limelight at this Japanese salad (yes, you read that correctly) venture, opened inside the bowels of Isetan Shinjuku in winter 2017. To prove that there are indeed more than enough ways of presenting this simple combination of ingredients, they've gone for a 'hyakka cuisine' (the Edo belief that you can create a good 100 dishes from one ingredient) theme. Look out for dishes like the cheesy Quiche with Shirasu and Kujonegi and the namesake Imotamaya's Dashimaki Tamago – whatever your choice, you'll surely be rethinking your spuds and egg combo after a visit here.


Venue name: Imotamaya Isetan Shinjuku
Address: Isetan Shinjuku B1F, 3-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

Opening hours: 10.30am-8pm daily
Transport: Shinjuku-Sanchome Station (Marunouchi, Fukutoshin, Shinjuku lines); Shinjuku Station, east exit
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