Indian Restaurant Anjuna

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Indian Restaurant Anjuna

Takahatafudo Station on the Keio line and the Tama Monorail, located about a 50-minute train ride from Shinjuku, is a place that can often become crowded with people on their way to or from nearby Takahata Fudoson Temple. Less than a minute's walk from the station is Anjuna, an Indian restaurant that's been doing a roaring trade in South Indian fare for well over 15 years now. The owner, Masaki Fujii, is a man with extensive culinary experience who operates the restaurant under the guiding principle of creating cuisine that can be enjoyed by everyone – even infants.

The menu includes over 25 different varieties of curry and a variety of tandoori dishes. A particular favourite here is the restaurant’s A-Set dinner course, which, in addition to a keema curry and a chicken curry that comes complete with chicken on the bone, also includes a portion of tandoori chicken and a sheek kebab. The chicken curry, made from simmered spices, chicken stock and onions, is especially smooth and goes great with rice. Rather than ground spices, this particular curry is made with whole spices, resulting in a blend that, although spicy, has no unpleasant or lingering hot aftertaste. Contrasting the spiciness of the chicken curry is the mild, subdued flavour of the green pea and minced chicken keema curry.


Venue name: Indian Restaurant Anjuna
Address: Universal Bldg 101/102, 3-7 Takahata, Hino-shi

Opening hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5pm-9pm / closed Mon (Tue if Mon is a holiday)
Transport: Takahatafudo Station (Keio line, Tama Monorail)
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