Restaurants, Ramen Tsukiji

Monzeki-dori in front of Tsukiji Market is lined with stand eateries and food shacks, but none of them is as popular as this ramen joint dealing in the style of noodles preferred by Tokyoites throughout the postwar era. Inoue's shoyu-based Chuka Soba, the only thing on the menu, features thin noodles with plenty of chashu pork, negi leek and sprouts on top – simple but delicious. Your bowl will be ready in seconds, after which you'll have to carry the overflowing dish to one of the makeshift tables by the road and dig in while rubbing shoulders with the locals. Hey, it's an essential Tsukiji experience.

UPDATE: Having been seriously damaged in a fire in August 2017, Inoue is currently closed until further notice.


Venue name: Inoue
Address: 4-9-16 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku

Opening hours: 5am-1.30pm / closed Sun & hols, some Weds
Transport: Tsukiji Station (Hibiya line)
Static map showing venue location
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