J.S. Curry

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ジェイエス カリー 渋谷宮益坂店
ジェイエス カリー 渋谷宮益坂店

Building on the legacy of the much-missed Jinnan Curry, J.S. Curry opened in January 2018 just up the hill from Shibuya Station. Their pride and joy is the Saman curry, served with turmeric rice, mashed potatoes and fried chicken, while seasonal options are also available. Stop by after 9pm for the ¥500 J.S. Bite curry, a half-size portion which comes with a small cup of shijimi clam soup – an ideal post-drinking combo that'll fuel you up for the trek home.


Venue name: J.S. Curry
Address: Hulic Shibuya Daini Bldg 1-2F, 1-13-7 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku

Opening hours: 11am-11pm daily
Transport: Shibuya Station
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