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  1. Japanese Ice Ouca
    Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa
  2. Japanese Ice Ouca
    Photo: Kaila Imada

Time Out says

In a city that often takes its desserts more seriously than its politics, judging the best ices on offer can be a thankless task. Japanese Ice Ouca ought to come out near the top of any best of list, however, for the simple fact that nearly everything it turns its icy hands to tends to work.

The flavours on offer are homemade and seasonal – the sakura and azuki pot was all but empty on our visit. Especially good was the evergreen matcha gelato, an ice so complex in flavour you could pass an easy hour wondering what exactly was happening on your tongue and probably be none the wiser for it, perfectly offset with a scoop of ripe, tangy mango. It's well worth noting at this point that a handful of magic words go a long way at Ouca, namely 'osusume arimasuka?' ('what do you recommend?'). The fellow behind the counter is something of an artist, and his refrigerator makes for a wide-ranging and colourful palette indeed.

Cups start at ¥450 and you get your choice of three flavours to fill your cup (four flavours if you opt for the large). Your order also comes with a smattering of salted kombu flakes that cleanse the palette once you've had your sugar overdose. Is it the best Tokyo has to offer? We'll not go that far just yet, but while we think it over, you know where you can find us.


1-6-6 Ebisu, Shibuya
Ebisu Station
Opening hours:
11am-11pm daily
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