Jun Teuchi Men to Mirai

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Jun Teuchi Men to Mirai 麺と未来
Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaJun Teuchi Men to Mirai
Jun Teuchi Men to Mirai 麺と未来
Photo: Kisa Toyoshima
Jun Teuchi Men to Mirai 麺と未来
Photo: Kisa Toyoshima
Jun Teuchi Men to Mirai 麺と未来
Photo: Kisa Toyoshima

Time Out says

A shop with a name like ‘noodles of the future’ has to be doing something different, and the noodles here are like an udon-ramen hybrid. Handmade fresh every morning from mochi-hime wheat sourced from Mie prefecture, the noodles have a wonderfully chewy, or mochi mochi, texture that keeps ramen fans coming back for more.

The speciality is the shio (salt) ramen, which costs ¥850 and comes with a hearty helping of the shop’s signature hand-cut noodles and a broth that isn’t too salty, so you can slurp up every last drop. The dashi broth is made from chicken wings, manila clams, rausu kelp, anchovies and bonito for a briny, mineral-rich soup base. Menma bamboo and chashu pork slices are the default toppings, but you can also opt for a bowl which adds shrimp wontons and a marinated egg (¥1,000).



Address: 3-25-1 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku

Opening hours: Mon 11.30am-2.30pm, 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-9pm
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