Kagawa Ippuku

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香川一福 東京 神田本店
香川一福 東京 神田本店

Time Out says

Originating from Kagawa, the prefecture synonymous with udon in Japan, Ippuku has a great reputation – and we’re glad to say it doesn’t disappoint. Ippuku serves Sanuki udon, whose noodles are known for their characteristic square shape, and are served smooth, slippery and chewy, all the hallmarks of good udon.

To appreciate the noodle’s texture, we suggest you go for the simpler preparations: the classic kake udon (noodles in clear dashi broth), bukkake udon (dashi dipping sauce poured over noodles), or the kamatama udon that comes with a raw egg. Make sure to go big on the side orders as the selections here are extensive. Optional toppings include seaweed, Japanese plum, onsen egg and even mayonnaise, while side orders range from beef, daikon and konnyaku oden to squid tentacle tempura and three types of fish cake.


Tokyo Royal Plaza 1F, 1-18-11 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku
Awajicho Station (Marunouchi line) Ogawamachi Station (Shinjuku line) Kanda Station (Chuo, Ginza, Keihin-Tohoku, Yamanote lines)
Opening hours:
11am-8pm, closed Sun and first Mon of the month
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