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Walk along the narrow garden path that takes you from the street towards what seems to be the back of a house and you’ll catch sight of this century-old Japanese home that’s been converted into a kimono shop with teahouse. The garden overflows with greenery and offers a welcome introduction to the relaxed and authentic atmosphere inside.

Kasoyo is actually a kimono shop, which means you’ll get to drink matcha tea and snack on chewy but tasty tsukumo mochi while watching kimono maker Kotaro Nakano hand-sew his creations. When we visited, he sat next to us and showed us how he ties little knots into the fabric, which he then dyes to create a kind of floral tie-dye pattern on the kimono material. You might even be there when customers come in to try on kimonos, some of which can sell for around ¥500,000.

Since the menu is in Japanese, we simply asked for wagashi with matcha (¥1,000). Sitting at a small wooden table, surrounded by kimono fabric and peering out antique wood-paned windows, this is a wonderful way to experience the look and feel of a well-preserved traditional home while enjoying an equally traditional tea set.


Venue name: Kasoyo
Address: 2-19-21 Shimo-Ochiai, Shinjuku-ku

Opening hours: Café usually open Thu-Sun, but check the calendar on their website as they often have irregular holidays. / Café closed Mon-Wed
Transport: Mejiro Station (Yamanote line)

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