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Time Out says

Nescafe has taken an interesting step in trying to solve the modern day sleep-deprivation problem: opening a Sleep Café in Oimachi.

A major problem among workers in Japan these days is a severe lack of sleep. Nescafe has suggested a way to mitigate this by inventing what they call (a little paradoxically) the ‘coffee nap’. A coffee nap is a quick doze preceded by a cup of Nescafe coffee, with the idea that the caffeine won’t really take effect until around the time you’re waking up.

There are a few options for you to choose, ranging from 30-minute naps to three-hour sleep sessions. For the latter, you'll be given one decaf coffee before you lie down and another regular coffee to perk you up again upon waking.

The 30-minute and one-hour nap courses are offered in leather reclining chairs, whereas the longer sleep courses (90 minutes, two hours and three hours) offer sleepers a proper mattress bed. The shortest nap course goes for just ¥750 while the longest sleep will set you back ¥4,950. 

Be sure to make a reservation via their website; since the café opened on March 6, it's pretty booked up. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to get our full, required sleep at home in our own beds, but until then, it’s nice to know that Tokyoites have a place to crash for a little cat nap.


東京都品川区大井1-7-7 K-2ビル5階
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