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  1. Pasta with truffles, glass of red wine
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  2. OUT Restaurant
    Photo: Out Restaurant
  3. OUT Restaurant
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  4. OUT Restaurant
    Photo: Out Restaurant

Time Out says

One dish, one wine, one artist – that's the minimalist concept under which this new venture, occupying a chic mezzanine-like space just off Aoyama-dori, is trying to set itself apart from the other swanky restaurants in the area. And true to form, they literally serve only one type of dish, one type of wine, and only play one artist; in this case, that means a buttery pasta with freshly shaved seasonal truffles, a red wine picked to pair optimally with the food, and music by Led Zeppelin to create the ultimate trifecta. Such a brief ‘menu’ makes for pretty easy ordering too: get a ticket at the pimped-up vending machine at the entrance and settle in at the counter or the lone table to enjoy your singularly focused meal while ’Stairway to Heaven’ and other vinyl-era classics blare from the speakers.

Newcomers will do best to order ‘The Set’ (¥4,000) – an ample serving of pasta and a glass of red wine – while those who are just after a power meal can get the pasta separately for ¥2,900. But with such a brief repertoire, how are the Australian owners planning on maintaining public interest? Well, the wine and truffles will be rotated seasonally, while the opening hours (until 2am six days a week) offer another clue. Besides casual diners, Out is clearly aiming to attract quality-conscious bar patrons and clubbers looking for a post-drink treat other than ramen. With the competition in that category less than formidable in this part of town, we think they just might be on to something.


Vort Aoyama 103, 2-7-14 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
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Shibuya Station
Opening hours:
Tue-Sun, 6pm-late, Sun 11am-2.30pm (last order), closed Mon
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