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  1. パドラーズコーヒー 西原店
    パドラーズコーヒー 西原店
  2. パドラーズコーヒー 西原店
    パドラーズコーヒー 西原店
  3. パドラーズコーヒー 西原店
    パドラーズコーヒー 西原店
  4. パドラーズコーヒー 西原店
    パドラーズコーヒー 西原店

Time Out says

Importing beans from Portland’s famed Stumptown Coffee Roasters every week, Daisuke Matsushima’s Paddlers have been caffeinating shoppers at the Nishihara arcade since 2015. All beans are served fresh in french press or espresso form for the perfect flavour. Beans are also available by the bag, with their most popular roast being the Nano Challa from Ethiopia, which offers delicate notes of grapefruit and peach. To accompany your cup, order one of Paddlers’ signature hot dogs, made with buns from a bakery in the neighbourhood. The café has a calm wooden interior, communal tables and a homely atmosphere – a little piece of the Rose City in one of the quieter corners of Shibuya.


2-26-5 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku
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Hatagaya Station (Keio New line); Yoyogi-Uehara Station (Chiyoda, Odakyu lines)
Opening hours:
7.30am-5pm daily
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