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  1. Samon
    鶏だしおでん さもん
  2. Samon
    鶏だしおでん さもん
  3. Samon
  4. トリダシオデン サモン
    Photograph: Yoko Asano
  5. トリダシオデン サモン
    Photograph: Yoko Asano
  6. トリダシオデン サモン
    Photo: Yoko Asano
  7. トリダシオデン サモン
    Photo: Yoko Asano

Time Out Says

Popular in its native Nagoya, this oden specialist laid its first roots in the Kanto area by opening under the railway tracks in Nakameguro this November. They've placed a rather eye-catching (and oversized) oden pot outside – a stunt that surely lures in quite a few customers. Standing out with the way they cook their oden, Samon offer a mixture simmered in a chicken and vegetable stock noted for its full-bodied and rich taste. We'd definitely recommend having the daikon, which soaks up the stock beautifully, and the succulent chicken skewers – you'll thank us later. The Nagoya Cochin soft-boiled eggs are also rather impressive and well worth driving your chopsticks into. 


3-5-31 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku
03 6712 2818
Nakameguro Station (Hibiya, Tokyu Toyoko lines)
Opening hours:
4pm-3am daily
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