Sweet udon @ Tsurutontan

Sweet udon @ Tsurutontan

Summer: a time for devouring bowls of ice cream, sorbets, kakigori snow cones, watermelon and... sweet udon? That's what's on the menu at popular noodle shop Tsurutontan, which is serving up some unusual seasonal desserts until September 1. Take your pick between their deliciously tart mango & yoghurt udon, topped with chunks of orange, kiwi, watermelon and grapes, or the refreshing ‘Macedonia-style Italian fruit punch’ version, which comes with a passionfruit sauce, chunks of fruit and a dollop of vanilla ice cream (both ¥1,000). You'll never look at a regular bowl of udon in the same way again.

Sweet udon is available at Tsuruhontan's Roppongi and Shinjuku branches and the Kinshoro Rakuseian shop, also in Roppongi

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