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  1. タコス ショップ 池尻
    Photo: Keisuke TanigawaHuevos rancheros breakfast set
  2. タコス ショップ 池尻
    Photo: Keisuke TanigawaTacos Shop Ikejiri
  3. タコス ショップ 池尻
    Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa
  4. タコス ショップ 池尻
    Photo: Keisuke TanigawaTacos Shop

Time Out says

Kichijoji’s popular Tacos Shop has opened a second outlet closer to central Tokyo, just a few minutes away from Ikejiriohashi Station. Here you’ll find Mexican tacos being served as early as 8am, with traditional fillings like carnitas, suadero (beef) and shrimp as well as unique flavour combinations like ricotta cheese and passion fruit. Plus, there’s even a vegan-friendly option: maitake mushroom ‘chorizo’ wrapped inside a house-made tortilla.

Tacos start from ¥400 each, but the weekday lunch deal is also a bargain: from 11am-3pm, ¥1,200 gets you two tacos and your choice of salad or soup. A takeout taco box (¥1,000) is also available throughout the day.

But where the store really shines is its breakfast menu. Choose from a range of morning tacos, including grilled cheese and bacon and egg, from ¥300 each, or get the huevos rancheros – a classic Mexican breakfast of eggs and salsa on a tortilla (¥600). The hearty ¥1,800 Good Morning Set gives you a choice of two tacos or huevos rancheros, soup, salad, yogurt and a drink on the side.


2-31-17 Ikejiri, Setagaya
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Ikejiriohashi Station
Opening hours:
8am-2am daily
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