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It looks just like your average neighbourhood noodle joint, but Hatagaya's Taketora is far from ordinary: their clear, crisp and additive-free soup is made with broth drawn from pork, chicken, kombu and 'flying fish' (ago) – a unique concoction in itself – while the menu lists one of the most aesthetically shocking bowls of ramen in all of Tokyo. The Oban Chashumen (¥1,030) comes covered entirely with chashu (braised belly) pork, so you'll have to dig through a wall of meat before even reaching the noodles. Good thing the slices are actually far less greasy than they look – but you still need to be quite the carnivore to finish this big boy. 


Venue name: Taketora
Address: 1-32-1 Hatagaya, Shibuya-ku

Opening hours: 11am-3pm / closed Sun & hols
Transport: Hatagaya Station (Keio line), south exit
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