The Ritz-Carlton Annual Asia-Pacific 4th Food and Wine Festival


You can find authentic cuisine from every corner of the world in Tokyo, and the Ritz-Carlton in Roppongi now celebrates this culinary diversity with the fourth edition of its annual Food and Wine Festival. Collaborating with an international cast of top chefs and distilleries, the hotel invites you to sample special delicacies at its restaurants and bars through October 4.

Specialising in tasty genres from French and Japanese to pastries, nine prestigious culinary artisans – most of them holders of Michelin stars or other awards – will be working together on the menus, while three of the hotel's own chefs will be joining the visitors in the kitchens. As for the beverages, you can look forward to offerings from seven wineries, including port champions W&J Graham's Port, plus sake, whisky, tea and mixology-style cocktails. As the Ritz-Carlton's executive chef and event host Thierry Marais boasts, you can't get much more cosmopolitan than this.

A number of events are held at the hotel's restaurants and bars – check out the official website for full details.


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