Time Out Bonenkai

Time Out Bonenkai

No year would be complete without a few bonenkai parties, and we'll be throwing one of our own on December 27. Join us at Time Out Café & Diner for an evening of good music, food and, er, more food. We've got a smorgasbord of salmon, shipped fresh direct from Norway (no freezing, folks!) by the Norwegian Seafood Council, plus a sushi bar overseen by champion chef Takashi Aoki. Club jazz maestro Toshio Matsuura and world music specialist Hajime Oshii supply the tunes, while the Japan Prestige Sake Association – who kept the crowds well-lubricated at the Café's 3rd anniversary party back in May – will be returning to proffer some top-notch nihonshu from Yamagata, Kochi and Miyagi. All this for ¥3,000 per person – which is a bit of a bargain, if we might say so ourselves.

Discount for foreign residents and visitors
Bring your passport or resident card to get ¥500 off on the door

Discount for students
Bring your student ID and photo ID stating date of birth to get ¥1,000 off on the door. Must be aged 20 years or older

Only one discount per person

Produced in association with...

Norwegian Seafood Council

'The best seafood in the world comes from Norway'

Tatenokawa Inc.
Ichinokura Co., Ltd.
Kato Kahachiro Shuzo Co., Ltd.

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