Tsukiji Koromo Sushi

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  1. Tsukiji Koromo Sushi
    Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaTsukiji Koromo Sushi
  2. Tsukiji Koromo Sushi
    Photo: Kisa ToyoshimaTsukiji Koromo Sushi
  3. Tsukiji Koromo Sushi
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima

Time Out says

This compact nine-seater restaurant is located on the outer rim of Tsukiji Market, facing Harumi-dori, so it’s the perfect place to go to dodge the market crowds. You’ll find that Tsukiji Koromo Sushi is more laid back than the  fancier sushi restaurants – there might even be jazz playing softly in the background. 

The shop serves about 18 different types of kaisendon, ranging from ¥1,650 to ¥4,400, as well as assorted plates of sushi. We love the uogashidon (fish market donburi; ¥2,310), which serves the freshest seafood of the day. For those who like their raw fish seared on the outside, the aburi-don is a rice bowl topped with a tasty assortment of fatty tuna, salmon, white fish, shellfish and more. Other bowls come featuring various combinations of seasonal fish, or even uni (sea urchin roe) and ikura (salmon caviar), so there’s something for all seafood lovers. The counter seats encircle the open kitchen, so you can watch your food being prepared freshly in front of you.


4-11-3 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku
03 6264 2626
Tsukiji, Tsukijishijo stations
Opening hours:
8.30am-3pm daily
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