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This teishoku-ya inside Shinjuku Station is the sister shop of the namesake, halal-certified Yoshiya in Kyoto, and offers an extensive range of Kyoto-style set meals, as well as four different halal teishoku. We didn't find the latter to be exceptionally noteworthy, but they do serve their purpose as a halal-certified introduction to the world of teishoku.

Far more interesting is the selection of croquettes, both their mahou korokke (magic croquette) and the tofu croquette. Both are soft yet packed with flavour, and most surprisingly, the magic croquette contains no meat at all – it was inspired by Kyoto-style veggie fare, which uses no meat or alcohol in the preparation process (counter-intuitively, the tofu version isn't vegetarian and contains chicken). They can be had either with the 'obento-style gozen' teishoku, or ordered as separate side dishes. English-speaking staff are on hand to answer any questions, and no pork is used anywhere in the restaurant. 


Venue name: Yoshiya
Address: Shinjuku Metro Restaurant Floor B1F, 1-1-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku

Opening hours: 11am-10.30pm daily (last orders 9.30pm)
Transport: Shinjuku Station
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