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Athlonia is a specialist triathlon shop established by professional triathlete and sports newscaster Taro Shirato to help promote and popularise triathlons within Japan. Located in Athlonia Village (in the same building as Aloha Table Daikanyama Forest restaurant), offer both their own triathlon-related products (which draw upon the wealth of knowledge Shirato has gained throughout the last twenty years of his international career) and the latest triathlon-related news and information. Additionally, Athlonia also offers a range of select triathlon-related products made by a selection of other companies from both Japan and overseas and even advocate their own specialist Triathlon school.


Venue name: Athlonia
Address: 1F, 1-1-24 Swndagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo

Transport: Sendagaya station (JR Chuo-honsen Line)
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