Brit cakes and Virgin togs

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Brit cakes and Virgin togs

Airline food isn't usually notable for its quality, but then most of us don't get to travel first class. No matter, Virgin Lounge and Minami Aoyama's Vulcanize London have teamed up to bring you top flight experience, while you keep your feet firmly on the ground. Serving up a selection of Union Flag-themed coffees and cupcakes, presented on Virgin Lounge plates, passengers will also be availed of more regular inflight services, notably a look at what's on the duty free wagon (minus the duty free). Expect to find Virgin t-shirts, mugs, aprons and and pens, and if that isn't quite enough to have you grabbing the phone and booking a ticket, go to see the store's exterior decoration, made up to look like the outside of a Virgin 747. Swanky.

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