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Locals will tell you that Classico sums up the Yanaka way of life in two small rooms. The first deals in simple, comfortable, yet elegant clothing, along with household items that you might say hark back to an analogue way of life - everything from brooms to pottery to speakers modelled from gourds, and even a little corner of toothbrushes (minimalist designs, natch). In the neighbouring room, you'll find a compact but wonderfully neat collection of notebooks, picture frames and beer goblets; everything in its place, all just so. The shop seems to have something of everything, like a vastly scaled-down, ultra-tasteful version of Tokyu Hands, all within a space the size of someone's living room. And that, to some, is exactly what Yanaka represents.


Venue name: Classico
Address: 2-5-22 Yanaka, Taito-Ku, Tokyo

Transport: Nezu Station (Chiyoda line)
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