Compartés Valentine's Day Special

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コンパーテスショコラティエ スカルセレクション、アートボンボン
コンパーテスショコラティエ スカルセレクション、アートボンボン
コンパーテスショコラティエ スカルセレクション、アートボンボン

Eagerly proclaiming that 'chocolate is art!', LA-born organic choc specialists Compartés put on a show for that most profitable time of the year, coming out with a range of limited-edition treats in the run-up to Valentine's Day. Look out for their colourful Skull Collection, or go for the Art Bonbons, the flavours of which include – yes – kale. We're not sure what message a box full of chocolate crania is intended to send, but handing out individual skulls in the office sure sounds like the perfect way to take care of your giri-choco responsibilities.

Note: the Valentine's Day chocolates are available at all Compartés branches in the Tokyo region.


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