Shopping Denenchofu

If you have a hankering for some Kabuki-za specialty confectionaries, then the Daikokudo Ningyo-yaki stand located in the first floor, west-wing sales area is the place for you. Daikokudo’s tremendous craftsmanship has been on display in the theatre’s retail space for almost thirty years now.

Even though Daikokudo modelled their Ningyo-yaki sweets on the seven deities of good luck, only six types are actually available. Daikoku (the god of wealth), Ebisu (the god of fishing and commerce), Bishamonten (the guardian god), Hotei (the pot-bellied god of good fortune), Fukurokuju (the tall-foreheaded god of happiness, wealth, and long life) and Benten (the goddess of arts and wisdom) are all represented. Noticeably absent is Jurojin (the god of longevity); ask any regular visitor to the Kabuki-za and they’ll tell you the answer to the mystery of the missing deity goes something like this: Jurojin has been intentionally left out to make room so that you, the valued customer, can round out the posse of seven.


Venue name: Daikokudo
Address: 1-55-5 Denenchofu, Ota, Tokyo

Transport: Tamagawa station (Tokyu Toyoko Line)
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