Daimaru Ehomaki Market 2018

Daimaru Ehomaki Market 2018

An integral part of Setsubun celebrations on February 3, the ehomaki (‘lucky direction roll’) is a fat roll of makizushi that's eaten while facing in the year’s lucky direction – south-southeast for 2018. While these rolls are sold at pretty much every supermarket and convenience store out there, those looking for something a little fancier will want to check out this market at Tokyo Station's Daimaru department store. The around 150 varieties on offer include an omu-rice option (¥1,700), a candy version (¥1,000) and a luxury creation topped with caviar and covered with gold leaf (¥15,000!). Note that some of the rolls will be available in limited quantities, so best head over early if you want the most choice.


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