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Originally opened in 1933, Deguchiya added a kaku-uchi (stand bar) counter when it was renovated in 2008. Although wine is the speciality here, you’ll also get to choose from a great selection of sake and shochu, craft beers and a small lineup of pub grub. The grape-loving owner focuses on bottles from smaller-scale vineyards and favours organic and natural wines. The bar offers the opportunity to sample wines from ¥400 per glass, alongside slices of ‘the cheese of the day’ (¥150). Look out for guest bottles, too: one recent offering was Tamagawa sake, created by Oxford graduate-turned-sake brewer Philip Harper, the only Westerner to date to earn the title of toji (master brewer). Deguchiya is a great spot for learning more about the origins and producers of your favourite tipples.


Venue name: Deguchiya
Address: 2-3-3 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku

Opening hours: 11am-10pm, holidays 3pm-9pm / closed Sun
Transport: Nakameguro Station (Hibiya, Tokyu Toyoko lines)
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